3D Printing With Power Of The Sun

From the below post i want to share with you all how well the solar energy is used to accomplish  the task of printing in the sand to make some objects. Heading out to the desert and harnessing the power of the sun to make a 3D printer that can print objects out of sand. You?”  “… catching up on Breaking Bad.” You know the kid in your old neighbourhood that spent his spare time frying ants with a magnifying glass? This is like that except instead of a magnifying glass, he’s using an big ol’ fresnel lens. And instead of roasting insects, he’s melting freaking sand into stuff.

Built by artist Markus Kayser, the “SolarSinter” concept isn’t too dissimilar from laser sintering printers used by operations like SpaceX to print otherwise impossible objects out of metal. A focused sun beam is a whole lot less precise than a finely-honed laser, of course — but the core concepts are the same.

The Most Wanted Things to be Known

A computer geek is a man who have potentiality to answer all the mystical questions of his relatives or buddies and off class no one is best in this world even a pc Geek can-not be a specialist without perseverance and deficiency of skills so we've some excellent subjects covered in this post to foster your general knowledge so have fun discovering your loop-holes and filling them with these significant posts. 

Hide a File Behind a JPEG

So you'll need a pleasant area to conceal your blackmail personal files. You could, obviously, bury them seriously within some arbitrary, useless folders, but there is constantly the opportunity of them being found. A code word shielded RAR is the greatest choice, but it's a little evident despite the most boring title you could give it. A sneaky man would hide the important file behind a totally haphazard and tedious family reunion picture, where no person in their correct mind would change through.  

Monitor Network Traffic

The Net is a vast area with a bit of everything. Whether you're interested by what your roommate is downloading, your kid is engaging in, or any leeches residing around you who have unscrupulously broken your Wi-Fi, knowing just how to assess network traffic is an invaluable skill. Here is a list of a large number of network analyzers, also as some general info to enable you to get began.

Recover Master Boot Record

A virus or other trouble may lead to an MBR malfunction, that may help it become impossible to get install. Many users would simply become disappointed and reinstall, but not you! Every geek should understand the best way to regain the master publication record. Click here 

Load Rockbox onto an MP3 Player

The firmware that comes on your own average mp3 player is meant for those people who are scared of innovative characteristics; often, the only audio settings accessible are a few prearranged EQs. If you’re an audiophile–or simply frustrated with the lack of control over your music settings–Rockbox is the firmware for you, Open source and free, it can be installed on several distinct sorts of players and empowers total control over what you hear to.Click here

Unbrick a Smartphone

 No geek can resist the allure of flashing the newest beta firmware onto their gleaming smartphone. The byproduct of that's occasionally a bricked mobile, which would leave many sobbing in to their pillow at night. To avoid rendering your $400 gadget in to a door stopper, discover the art work of unbricking and then flash a way. As the procedure used to repair a cellphone will vary, this is the finest place to start looking for replies.Click here 

Remove Windows DRM

DRM is very frustrating. With several internet stores today providing DRM-free music audio-files, it would appear as it utilized to be it is never as large of an dilemma. That's perhaps maybe not the situation, yet, with all movies showing quality than MP3 together with audio of a greater- a DRM. Burning Windows DRM isn't authorized. If you are a GEEK, you likely don't care.Click here

Mess with Wi-Fi Leeches

No one enjoys a Wi-Fi leech. At-best, they are only burning up your precious bandwidth. At much more probably -and the worst, they are snitching your id and viewing your tasks. After determining the leech and viewing your system, utilize this technique to turn their browser upside-down and allow them to understand you do not value the attack. Click here

Hexadecimal and Binary Number Systems

Everybody understands the standard, regular number method utilized. It requires binary and hexadecimal number methods to be - additionally known by an unique-potentially psychotic person. Here is an outstanding interactional guide on understanding both techniques.Click here

How to Hotwire an Automobile

Before you are asked by somebody how to hotwire an automobile if any moment their pc problems, their dvd-player wants repaired is constantly turned to you by your household, or their security program does not trigger, it is simply an issue of time. Would not it be wonderful to be capable to reply them? To understand this exceptional ability, study here.Click here 

Running an OS from an USB Drive

Many individuals do not actually comprehend what the magic OS is. As a Geek, you have a modest operating-system in your flash drive useful for these occasions you want pc entry but do not understand the code word to a near-by pc and should surpass that fundamental understanding.
Click here  

Comprehend What "There Is no Place Like" Means

As a shorthand signal because of their pc finesse-or possibly simply to sleep with with others who look but can't figure out what this means this top is worn by a lot of nerds. Regardless of the rationale, if you had enjoy an reply, have a look at the hyperlink below.Click here

At Least One Fictional Language

And perhaps not just should you understand an imaginary vocabulary, but you should put it to use to state some thing about your self. Does one select Klingon or Quenya? Here's an inventory of built languages. Click here

How to Survive in a Linux Argument

Linux is getting an all about greater position in the nerd world, and it is leap to enter a dialogue at some stage (which may always find yourself turning out to be a quarrel). You will have to comprehend the common information of fundamental issues, together with the fundamental purposes of Linux, if you desire to maintain up. Here's a great spot to study and obtain a grip. Click here

Recognize Leading Constellations

For these occasions you enterprise from your airconditioned, pc stuffed cellar of your parents home (or some thing like that), appear up at the celebrities and have your self a Galileo second. The celebrities might be facts to a lot of people, but with the convenient web site underneath, you will be quitting guy- tigers and straps right away.Click here

Use a Camera in Manual Mode

Positive, you could simply use auto mode like everyone else overly terrified to discover what some letters and figures mean, but then you wouldn't be much of a Geek, The oft-ignored dial on a camera is the key that unleashes the best quality photos possible, and every geek should be a whiz at using one.Click here

Who Scully and Mulder Are

This indicates that in the superfluity of geek sites, there constantly appears a jest about Scully and Mulder, both principal characters in the X-files. If you do not know who they're, you will be left at night, alone, studying what precisely it was you were performing in the 90's that you don't comprehend the jest. Click here


Hypertext Markup Language is working the planet (maybe not actually). Everyone understands some Hypertext Markup Language and it makes them sense empowered. As a Geek, you need to transcend that fundamental knowledge that others understand and share a bit more. JavaScript is the reply- it seems terrifying to anybody who does not understand it, and it's simple if you are maybe not truly intrigued in internet programming, but only inquisitive to understand.Click here    

How to Install Mac OS X on a PC

Does not suggest you should not understand how to do it simply because you do not need Apple on your Computer. Knowledge is strength, right? Click here

Construct a PC

It is possible to make sure of one matter, if you buy a readymade PC -you are spending a lot more than you should. Assembling your own Computer is the first point you should be planning to realize as a dweeb, and is not overly tough. Here's a substantial post on assembling your own Computer: Click here 

Wiring a House Theater System

Home theater systems used to consist of a TV and a chair. Gone are those times of ease, yet, and creating a contemporary system can be pure mind boggling horror. Here's a tutorial, including superb diagrams, to demonstrate how. Click here

Replacing a Laptop LCD

Notebook LCDs are exposed to a variety of mishaps: random pressure places, shadows, air soft pellets.... When you have to swap your liquid crystal display for a fresh one no issue, there will come a stage. Now, as a Geek, you likely do not have a service contract. If that is the situation, here are a few superb pages and images on replacing the screen.Click here 

Make a Notebook Cooling Pad

 Is it possible to consider these price $50?! Because information crunching/DVD ripping/movies playing/leaving at identical times has a tendency to cause excessive heat, one will be needed by a dweeb. Instead of spending your challenging got dollars, make your own like thus.Click here

The Best Way to Run a Shell Script

You will have to try this at some stage, if you are an accurate geek. Below are directions on just how to do this. Recall: constantly be careful now do ya, when managing a script, you do not need your pc to show into a doorstop? Click here

How to Hack a Pop Machine

Thus snitching is not trendy. Still, hacking is only a misunderstood artwork, correct? Because it is maybe not about the soda, it about the joy of getting your manner, so hacking a soda machine is not actually larceny. Or something like this. (Newsbreak, it's prohibited, do not do it.) If you need to strive your fingers at obtaining a free Coke, have a look at this Click here

Turn a Laptop into a Digital Picture Frame

So you need showing off images of that woman and your puppy you once satisfied, but you need to do it in an uber-geeky manner. But you...oh, you are overly clever for that. No, rather you will locate a vintage notebook on ebay.com for $5 and transform it in to a true work art.Click here

Do Great Things to Altoids Cans

Individuals are enthusiastic about these matters. Altoids cans are simply begging to be stuffed with possibly some snuff, digital audio players, audio amps, and light emitting diodes, and permanent, modest. A superb geek will uncover numerous uses for these small alloy wonders. If you require a psychological boost, yet, here's some fascinating links.Click here

Convert Cassette Tapes to Digital Audio Files

Why maybe not respire digital lifestyle into them before they drop ill to fatal destiny?
Click here

Run Your Own Ethernet Line

Wireless LAN has taken the position of a wired link in many houses, and with good grounds-you can go anywhere, no cables crucial. What about those...sensitive...activities that you'd rather the neighborhood script kiddie did not see on your wlan? Click here

Set Up a Streaming Media Server

With electronic files becoming the ultimate medium, many people have hundreds of gigabytes worth of photos, videos, and music. You could keep them on a portable hard drive, however you're have to get it every where, and only one man could utilize it at a time. The option is a streaming media server, something no Geek can live without. Click here

Turn Web-Cams into Security Cameras

Is someone stealing your Netflix DVDs? Do you suppose it truly is a fat hairy guy in his boxers every morning taking them? If so, it is possible to get your proof using a couple webcams and a bit of software.Click here

Control Your House Lights with a Computer

Controlling the lights within your house via computer is an excellent method to freak out the neighborhood kids ding dong-ditching (assuming you wire up a Halloween scream movement detector, additionally). If you grounds are less nefarious, you just utilize it to start and off lights without having alive ye butt from thy seat, which is an excellent motive by itself. Click here

Put LEDs Inside a Light Bulb

The times of mercury and hot incandescent -load fluorescent are gone, and in are the times of long lasting, low heat, reduced consumption LEDs. As worthwhile geek, you need to be capable to say "I was doing X long before it became mainstream." Here's your opportunity-the subsequent link will demonstrate the best way to put a LED inside a light bulb, something certain to stump your pals the exact same way Grandpa's ship-in-a-wine bottle used to stump you. Click here

Make Your Workplace Ergonomic

Face it-you devote a lot of time at your desk. You might even have a few additional pounds and pallid epidermis to demonstrate for this. While those things are temporary, far to more severe and common is the carpal tunnel, eye-strain, and back problems you'll produce from having an undesirable workspace. Hit up this hyperlink to produce a physique-favorable workspace that may keep you limber and adaptable. Click here

Adding a Third Monitor

Studies demonstrate that double monitor increase work productivity by 30%. As a Geek, you'll desire a third computer screen to equal the double set up of a layman (if that makes feeling). While any hack with a VGA port can add a second monitor, it takes an actual geek to incorporate a third (or more). So hit up Google and make a search for attaching a third monitor.

Flash System BIOS

Ya gotta do it some time, guy upward and so stop putting it away. Flashing the BIOS in your notebook computer might seem scary (as it should-fear keeps you on your toes and prevents errors), but it's maybe not (actually, it's, but if you even understand why you have to do this, you've gotta have at least a couple of chops by now). Warning-you can critically bork your pc doing this! 
Click here

The Quickest way to Destroy a Computer

It Is stated that you just have to go into a killers thoughts to comprehend their weaknesses, right? Same goes for the ill-fated boobs who constantly kill their notebook computers. Here's a listing of the distinct ways you'll be able to accidentally kill a computer-arm your family and buddies, and save yourself despair (because it is surely you they will call when some thing goes dreadfully, terribly incorrect).Click here

Microsoft Network Monitor

Microsoft Network Monitor is a network protocol analyzer that lets you analyze network traffic, see, and get. Variation 3.3 of Network Computer Screen is available in 32- and 64- bit variations.
Click here

NTFS support for Mac OS.

Mac OS-X v10.3 and afterwards include read-only support for NTFS-formatted partitions. The GPL-licensed NTFS-3G additionally works on Mac OS X through FUSE and permits writing and reading to NTFS partitions. A performance enhanced commercial variant, called Tuxera NTFS for Apple, is additionally accessible from the NTFS-3G programmers. NTFS create support was detected in Mac OS X 10.6, but has not been activated as of variation 10.6.1, although hacks do exist make it possible for the functionality. Nevertheless, user reports signify the functionality tends to trigger kernel panics, likely the reason why write support has not been empowered or advertised and is unstable. Download Tuxera NTFS for Mac 2010.9-RC.Click here

15 Internet Alternatives to Popular Desktop Applications.

Web applications have come a long way. They used to be amateur replicas of their desktop counterparts, with only one or two functions and never in any respect practical. Web applications these days are becoming helpful and so strong that in some events, they've started to replace background applications.Click here 

Top 6 Underground Search Engines You Never Understood Around

In several cases, these search engines are harnessed into what is presently termed the "invisible net," which is the information accessible on the net that standard search engines don't have accessibility to, because they are buried behind query types or directory requests.Click here

How To Analyze Networking Data With Firefox

In this post am going to share how to view the various background process would take place while loading the requested webpage.You can install extensions such as NoScript that provide you with some information, especially related to third-party requests, but if you want to get the full picture, you need to turn elsewhere.
Firefox ships with powerful networking tools that you can activate or load for that purpose. You do not need to install an add-on or program for that, as everything is included with recent versions of the browser by default.There are two core networking tools integrated into the web browser. Below you find information about both tools, including how you launch them and the information they provide you with. 

Tools to Analyze Your Background Browsing Process

Firefox Developer Tools: Network

  • The network monitor was launched with Firefox 23. To open it use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-Q, or tap on the Alt-key and select Tools > Web Developer > Network.
  • The next time you reload a web page or load a new one in the tab you launched the tool from, , all of the request it makes are displayed in the interface.
  • This includes file names and types. the domains they are requested from, the size of each component and the time it took to complete the loading of each component.
  • It is possible to filter by type, to only display JavaScript, image or CSS files for example.


  • To load the second tool, simply type about:networking in Firefox's address bar.This feature was integrated into Firefox 26.It displays four different types of information to you when opened.These are
Http - The http requests that have been made recently.
Sockets - Information about the endpoints of connections.
DNS - DNS information of hostnames.
WebSockets - Information about the protocol.
  • Most interesting from a regular user's point of view -- opposed to that of a developer -- are the hostname and DNS listings.
  • The hostname listing displays all hostnames that connections have been made to including their ports, whether they support SSL or SPDY, and whether the connection is active or idle.
  • The DNS listing on the other hand displays hostnames and their associated IP addresses, expiration times and whether IPv4 or IPv6 was used.
  • You can set those to auto-refresh if you like which updates the listing automatically every three seconds.
USES The network module can be useful to list all connections a website makes. You see the servers it connects to and what kind of file type it loads from there.This can be useful to determine where data is being loaded from, for instance advertising scripts, social media buttons, styles and other information.The networking page on the other hand reveals information about what the browser has saved currently in regards to networking information. You get the hostnames of the connections, IP addresses and ports.

Top 10 World's Dangerous Roads

Roads are mainly used for commercial transportation purposes.It connects many places and people used to travel in it to reach their destinations.Mostly the highway roads will be in good condition and used for fast movement of transport.Some roads will be in bad condition will take long time to travel in it.There is another set of roads which is considered as dangerous roads.In these roads we must be very careful while driving.In this post am going to share the top rated dangerous roads in the world.Just check out the top 10 world most dangerous roads in the world.

Top 10 Dangerous Roads in the world

Kabul-Jalalabad Highway, Afghanistan

Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

Fairy Meadows Road, Pakistan

North Yungas Road, Bolivia

Zoji Pass, India


Siberian Road to Yakutsk, Russia

 Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan

  Halsema Highway, Philippines


Stelvio Pass, Italy

Trollstigen Road, Norway

How to test Upcoming Versions of Firefox

Whenever we upgrade to new version of Firefox, there is a chance that things will break or work in a different way. This can be small things, like the change from a download window to a download panel, but also something bigger like the upcoming Australis interface or the switch from Firefox 2 to 3, and 3 to 4.Sometimes,you may notice that add-ons that you have used for years break, or that a theme or interface modification is not displayed correctly or at all anymore.That's why it makes sense to test new browser software versions before your browser is automatically or manually upgraded. 
                     Just check out that you need a version of Firefox other than the one you are running. If you run stable, you need Beta, Aurora or Nightly versions. As a Beta user, you need Aurora or Nightly, and as an Aurora user, you need a Nightly version for the test.
NOTE:Do change the default directory of the Firefox installation. While this may not be the case at all times, some versions may be upgraded instead if you do not modify it. Since you do not want your main Firefox installation updated to another channel, you need to make sure to change that directory to avoid that.

Steps to test new firefox version

1) When you run the installer, make sure to click on the options button displayed in its interface.

2) In this step need to change the destination folder. The best way to do so in my opinion is to add the channel to the directory name. This installs Firefox in a new directory and will leave the current version installed unharmed.

3)Before completing the installation, make sure your main version of Firefox is running. The reason here is that the new installation will launch with the default user profile otherwise which you may not want as it can make modifications to the configuration if that is the case.

Open the Firefox directory on your system and locate the firefox.exe application. Right-click on it and select New > Shortcut. The shortcut is either created in the directory directly, or alternatively on the desktop depending on the version of the operating system that you are running.

Right-click the shortcut afterwards and select Properties from the context menu. Add the following commands to the end of the target line -no-remote -p so that the full line looks like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox Beta\firefox.exe" -no-remote -p
-no-remote enables you to run multiple copies of Firefox at the same time on your system.
-p displays the profile manager on start.
If you have only one profile, create a new profile when the profile manager pops up after you double-click on the newly created shortcut.Close Firefox afterwards again -- all open instances of the browser -- and do the following. You need to copy the information from your old profile to the new one, so that the newly installed copy of Firefox loads it.

Visit C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles and do the following:
  • Open the default profile folder here, select Ctrl-A to copy everything, go back to the main profiles directory, open the new profile folder, and paste everything into it.
  • The easiest way to distinguish between the different profiles is to check the creation or modification dates. The new profile is usually smaller in size as well.

Now start the new Firefox installation again. Since it is loading your default profile now, you should see if everything works after the upgrade, or if add-ons, themes, or other modifications are not working.

How to set Screen saver as wallpaper (Windows & Mac)

Static wallpapers are boring. There’s little doubt that as screen resolutions have improved and panel quality has increased the need for better, more interesting wallpapers has grown. Thankfully there are plenty of websites that cater to those that appreciate a good wallpaper, and that’s great. But they’re still wallpapers at the end of the day, and they’re most certainly far too static for our liking.So when we were reminded that it is indeed possible to have a Windows screensaver as a wallpaper, our collective eyes widened. True, it’s nothing new thanks to the fact that the trick of having a screensaver as a wallpaper has been around for some years, but we’d forgotten all about it and, we’re willing to guess, so have you.

Steps to set screensaver as wallpaper (Windows)

  • Simply open Command Prompt window.
  • Type the name of the screensaver that you want to run. An example would be aurora.scr, but it can obviously be whatever screensaver you so desire.
  • Follow that screensaver filename with /p65552 and hit Enter, as shown in the screenshot below.

Shortly after releasing that Enter key you should see your favorite screensaver running on your Windows Desktop. Magical, we’re sure you’ll agree.Now the beauty of this is that it should work with Windows 8, Windows 7 and even Windows Vista for those that are unfortunate enough to still be using it. The bad news is that you may find that you can’t interact with your Desktop while the screensaver is running. If that’s the case, you can kill it anytime from the Task Manager. Once done, you should have your old wallpaper back after that.   

Steps to set screensaver as wallpaper(Mac)

  • Follow the below path.
  • /System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Resources/ScreenSaverEngine.app/Contents/MacOS/ScreenSaverEngine -background

How to Untether Jailbreak iOS 7.X Devices using Evasi0n 7

The jailbreak for iOS 7.x iPhone, iPad and iPod is released and you can freely and easily jailbreak your devices using the same easy guide. Well now this is a untether jailbreak and it fully supports iOS 7 - 7.0.4 and after some reports its stated that this jailbreak is supported in the iOS 7.1 Beta versions, so you can even jailbreak that version if you are a developer and you have updated your device to that version.If you do not need to have some technical knowledge in order to jailbreak your device as this tool is really easy to be used. You just need to press a single button and your device will be jailbreaked.

Steps to Jailbreak

  • Download Evasi0n Tool for Windows or MAC which ever machine using the download link below.
  • Now you will have the tool, just extract it and open it up as an administrator.
  • After opening it up you will see the tool like in the above image.
  • Now just connect your iDevice to your computer.
  • Now fire up your iTunes and make sure to backup your iDevice, so that your whole data is protected.
  • Now just wait as it will detect your iDevice and the Jailbreak button on the tool will be enabled for clicking purpose.
  • So now just wait and make sure your internet connection is active as it will download some files for its processes to be completed.
  • Now you can detach your device from the computer and then your device will reboot and you will see the evasi0n icon after it reboots again.
  • So now press that evasi0n icon and your device will boot again and load some processes, so just wait.
  • Now after the process is completed evasi0n tool will show the exit button just press that and your tool will be closed.
  • Now after few seconds your device will boot again and you will see your very own Cydia icon on your system.
Now you have successfully jailbreaked your iDevice using the simple to be used evasi0n 7 tool. Well now you can easily download and install all those cydia modifications and other stuff which you used to do earlier.


How To Protect From The Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed Bug is a major security threat that has effected millions of websites around the world. It has the potential to expose users' private information, including passwords, financial details and instant messages, among other thing. While many big websites have applied patches to fix it, a deeper look into the security loophole has revealed that your privacy might be compromised at this very moment, and hackers could have access to your personal information through your home routers.
This new revelation was made by Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks, two of the world's largest manufacturers of internet equipment. They have announced that their products had been impacted by the Heartbleed Bug, leaving your personal information at risk of being stolen via the networking equipment you might have in your home or office, including routers, switches, firewalls etc.In wake of all these security threats, here are some things you can do to ensure the safety and security of your identity and private information.

Change your passwords for patched sites

Most big websites have patched the problem, so you can go ahead and change your passwords on them. These sites include Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Dropbox, GoDaddy, and so on. In short, most reputable websites have patched themselves.There's no sense in changing your password for every website though. If your information has been stolen before, it can be stolen again on websites that aren't patched up. Changing your passwords recklessly will draw unwanted attention of hackers, who might possibly be looking for recent password changes. So be advised!

Lay off online purchases for a bit

I know some of you might be shop-a-holics, but it'd be advisable to lay off credit card transactions for a bit until the dust settles. Your personal information such as email and physical address, credit card number and pin code, all might be compromised.Also, keep an eye on your credit card and bank statements. A hacker with a shred of common sense won't blow his cover by immediately using your credit card for a big transaction. Sometimes, the transactions are barely noticeable. But if your information has been compromised, it is bound to come up on your radar provided that you keep an eye for unauthorized transactions.

Be wary around public Wi-Fi networks

Cisco and Juniper make some of the best and most reliable equipment in the world. If their devices can get compromised, anyone's can. You never know what devices a public Wi-Fi is running on, so be extra careful when using public Wi-Fi networks. Lay off them for a while if you can help it.

Update device software

Since routers, switches and other such devices are susceptible, vendors would be working around the clock to release firmware updates and patches to fix the vulnerabilities. Check with your vendor frequently for any updates available for your devices, and apply them ASAP! Contact your ISP for possible updates on home routers.

Turn off router remote access

"In the case of home routers, if it's a router that you purchased yourself, almost all of them provide the capability to disable remote access," Adam Allred, a research technologist at the Georgia Tech College of Computing, told The Huffington Post. "Most routers take the home network and the Internet that they connect to and split them into two pieces. Remote access describes the ability to get to your home router from the Internet outside of your home."Most people don't really need remote access unless they are trying to configure their router from elsewhere, Allred says. Turning it off can make it less likely for hackers to be able to come in and exploit your home router and it wont change your experience at all.

Lastly, if you run your own website, update OpenSSL to patch up the problem. Usually, good web hosting companies will do this for you.

Difference Between 3G and 4G Mobile Technology

Wireless telecommunications has made huge leaps and bounds in technology over the years. The world now relies on mobile telecommunications, without which the entire social infrastructure can collapse. Gone are the days of old cellular GSM - the world has moved on to next-gen wireless networking. We often hear the terms 3G and 4G with respect to mobile telecom. What exactly are they? And how exactly do they differ from each other?

3G vs 4G

First, some history. The "G" obviously stands for "Generation". 1G was analog, 2G was digital. 2G catered for mostly voice and text communication. With the advent of technologies like GPRS and EDGE (informally known as 2.5G and 2.75G respectively), the concept of 'mobile internet' was born. This was taken to the next level with 3G, which minimum consistent internet speeds of 144 Kbps, although the actual speed can go as high as 2 Mbps.4G is supposed to be even faster. New generations usually bring new base technologies, more network capacity for more data per user, and the potential for better voice quality.

Internet Speed

The main difference between these 'generations' is their speed. A 3G network can give you speeds anywhere from 144 Kbps to 3.1 Mbps, depending on the carrier. It averages at around 0.5 to 1.5 Mbps. 4G, on the other hand varies. There are so many variants, including HSPA+21/42, WiMAX, and LTE. A 4G connection can potentially provide a data throughput of 100-300 Mbps, but it typically averages 2-12 is real life.It all depends on the carrier. Carriers with more available radio spectrum for 3/4G and LTE can typically run faster networks than carriers with less spectrum, for instance. Although 4G has been defined, it hasn't been completely achieved. Some people consider LTE to be the only true 4G network, whereas some believe we're not there yet. Carriers are, however, trying to achieve true 4G standards and are fully advertising 4G.

Network coverage

Network coverage is a major issue when it comes to 3/4G networks. In the US. Verizon provides nationwide LTE coverage, but elsewhere in the world, carriers are still struggling to cover a majority of the areas with 3G and 4G networks. Buying a 4G phone in an area that doesn't even have 3G signals doesn't make much sense.Many towns and cities around the world do not currently have a 3/4G network. In the UK, there are vast areas of some counties which don’t have a 3G reach. However, more masts are being built which aims to increase the number of tablets, smartphones and laptops that can connect to 3G. The reach of 4G is also minimal and some countries don’t have it yet. This is bound to change, especially as the world continues to crave a faster internet speed than what it has at the moment.

Data usage and cost

Besides bandwidth, the data usage has also increased with 4G. When a smartphone or a tablet connects to a 4G network, it can handle more data than 3G. Although a 4G mobile phone company is expected to set limits on how much can be downloaded, it is bound to be more than what 3G can offer.With great power comes great responsibility speed comes great cost. 4G is expected to increase usage caps, but will also make mobile internet a lot more expensive. This is because it works on a much more expensive infrastructure, and while 3G is wide-area cell based, 4G is based on an integration of wireless LAN and wide area. So you can expect the prices to be much higher

How To Use Google Search Better

Google Search has come a long way since its introduction over a decade ago. The search engine has kept pace with changes in time and user behaviour to offer exactly what you’re looking for. There are different tricks of the trade as far as Google Search is concerned and mastering them will help you get the most out of Google’s search engine.

Search carousel

Probably the biggest evolution of Google Search was the integration of semantic search features in the product, known as Knowledge Graph. Users of Google Search will instantly remember it by the rectangular box that appears on the right-hand side of the search results page. A very good way to access Google Search in a whole new way is to look for suggested links towards the bottom of that Knowledge Graph box. For instance, if you search for Leonardo DiCaprio, and look at the Knowledge Graph box on the right of the result page, it includes a treasure trove of links and images to what Google thinks you might be looking for (based on semantic search connections). Click under “Movies and TV shows” or “People also search for” to switch to carousel mode at the top of the page. Flip through these bonus search results (that you never intended to do) and you’ll get new avenues of information presented in a convenient way. 

Image search

Google’s given possibly the most comprehensive overhaul to its image search feature since the service launched in 2001. Apart from the massive UI overhaul, the biggest feature was added recently. You can now bypass the need for entering a keyword and search for images by uploading an image or entering a hyperlink. It makes perfect sense for Google Images to have this feature and it makes you wonder why it took so long for engineers at Google to figure it out.

However, one of the most indispensable features of images search which isn’t readily visible on the results page is the ability to look for an image similar or different in size to the one you found on the search page. Look for this feature when you click on any image on the image search result page; the image expands and is displayed on a grey canvas block. In that box, click on the “Image details” button to be redirected to a related Google Search page that shows you the search keywords related to the image, its current size and lets you select whether you want to search for a larger copy of the image.

Search for an address

Google lets you enter pincode numbers to find their exact location. This is because Google understands pincodes as more than a set of numbers and their unique function. For instance, if you type in just “560027” in Google’s search page, it will return search results that will have at least one link referring to the exact location of the area. 

Google will try and give you the exact location of the place on Google Maps. So say we typed in “560027 map”, the search results will be even more precise for Indian addresses, while for American zip code searches, Google will return a small map view at the top of the page with the exact area covered under the zip code.


If you’re accessing Google Search through a touch-enabled mobile device, along with typing and voicing your search queries aloud, you now have the ability to scribble them on to your smartphone’s screen in your handwriting (if that’s the quickest way for you to search). Yes, you read that right. Depending on how good your screen-scribbled handwriting is, Google understands the keyword from anywhere between a split second to a couple of seconds, which is quite snappy.To toggle the feature on, just open Google’s homepage on your device’s native browser. Access Google Search Preferences and click on the “enable” radio button under the Handwrite option. That’s it. 

You’ll now see a small “G” icon at the bottom right of Google’s home page to let you know that handwriting is enabled. Write clearly and let autocomplete help you finish your keywords quicker. It works best on the native Android browser on Android 2.3 and upwards, Android 4.0+ tablets and iOS 5+ devices.  

Search your history

Google Search also lets you access the history of your search activity on the search engine. Think of it as Google’s very own History tab, similar to the one found in most web browsers these days. And you also have the ability to purge your search activity selectively or completely restrict and protect your online privacy. It’s a great way to mine your own data and recollect and revisit what you were trying to search in the past.As a rule, Google only records your search activity if and when you’re logged into a Google account through a web browser. To see your Google Search history, visit google.com/history to see the complete list of keywords that you searched through Google starting from today and going backwards in time.

Google also readily showcases an hourly, daily and monthly search activity related graph for your account – it’s a great way to analyze your Google Search habits. However, if you’re worried about the implications of Google’s search history and don’t want your keywords recorded, you can easily turn the feature off or delete all past search history through the Settings tab visible under the now familiar Gears tab on the top right of the page.

Find related pages

How cool would it be for you to encounter websites similar to a topic that you’re interested in? We know there are blogging services and tools available to do this, but their scope doesn’t really encapsulate the true expanse of the World Wide Web. Google Search makes discovering websites of a particular topic a lot easier than you’d think. It makes use of a Google operator called “related”.Just copy the URL of a website you liked, visit Google’s home page. Type in “related:” and the URL without any space in between and hit [Enter]. The resulting search page will list out websites that Google thinks are related to the topic you’re interested in. Give it a try.

How to Play HD Games Without any Graphic Card Installed

If you are a gaming freak then you might have noticed that few games actually do not need a graphic card to be installed but they can be played pretty well without installing any graphic card, so today I will be showing you how you can easily play all those games without any graphic card installed.So we are going to use 3D-Analyzer.basically this tool simply utilizes your RAM as a graphic card memory, so suppose you have 1 GB installed as your RAM then it will access near about 128 MB as the graphic card memory and then keep rest as the normal RAM. So this way it simply fakes the system in having a nice graphic card but its still running on single RAM.

Steps to install 3D-Analyzer tool

  • Download 3D-Analyzer tool from the below link.
  • Now it's a .zip package so make sure to extract the package to get .exe file.
  • So now as you will open this tool you will see a big Select button, simply press that too choose your game file.
  • So make sure to navigate to the original game directory and select the .exe file of your game you wish to play.
  • Now after selecting that game make sure to tweak settings as mentioned below in the image, just select every setting like below.
  • Now after configuring the whole software, just press "RUN" option and then just wait and see how your game runs automatically.
REMEMBERYou can even save the batch settings for every single using the Save Batch File! option provided below in the tool.
So now every single person who do not want to waste money on graphic card for a playing a single he can easily rely on this tool for making that game run pretty easily. 

Battle Of Chepauk All 3 Modes [Full Version] Available !!!

Chennai Super Kings 

Battle of Chepauk is a fun to play cricket game offering you hours of entertainment.
You own one of the best T20 teams. The best players - Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Mike Hussey, Ashwin, Albie Morkel, Dwayne Bravo, Hilfenhaus, Murali Vijay and twenty other greats, led by none other than the most successful captain India has had ... the one and only Captain Cool, MS Dhoni! 
Select your playing 11 (it's not going to be easy to decide who to leave out!), and get ready to conquer Chepauk, the stadium that has seen many a historic battle fought on its hallowed grounds. Here's your chance to create history. 

Three exciting modes of play:

1. Super Over
2. Super Slog [Premium Feature Available]
3Super Chase[Premium Feature Available]

Requires Android: 2.1 and Up

Super Over:

Consists of one over in each level. You will be given a challenge that has to be completed within that one over. A successful completion will allow you access to the next level, and so on till the the final challenge.

Super Slog:

20 overs for you to score your maximum possible points. Score high points by hitting fours and sixes. Remember, dot balls and 1s, 2s and 3s will mean lower points. Score as many points as you can in the 20 overs to get a top position on the Leaderboard